Empresarios del Andén

Democratización de la imagen.
That’s how the iniciative Sidewalk Entrepreneurs (EMPRESARIOS DEL ANDÉN) is born. A visual project that seeks to give an identity to those small businesses that are born and grow tabbed as informality. An identity for those that bring it in, everyday with no promotion whatsoever beyond the strength of their own voices, those who we know by the name of peddlers/ street vendors. So that with a dignified image, one that represents their business, they will increase their visibility and continue to work for their business and in turn, the economy of a country.  We started it out once, as a simple exercise for a college class, but the time has come today to democratize imagery.

17 - Feb - 2014



Selected Works

RehiletesCommissioned mural

Real Academia del CaféLimited Edition

ResilienceMagazine Cover

The New NormalInterior illustration for magazine

Savage patternsLimited Edition

AdobeExperience Cloud

No AnunciarPrivate Commission

Genesis BlockPrivate Commission

The Living EnterpriseCIO from IDG I Adobe I Microsoft

SiembraPrivate Commission

Tec ReviewMagazine Cover

HomePrivate Commission

Tec ReviewMagazine Cover

EspectroPrivate Commission

GoogleMy doodle of Google

DesaparecidaArcade Madness

CarnavalPrivate Commission


Calles CorazónPrivate Commission

RedBullLimited Edition

ChilangoMagazine Cover

Playing ArtsEdition Two

DomestikaOnline Course

EL ALABAO DE BOJAYÁPrivate Commission

MatadorPrivate Commission

CiénagaPrivate Commission

Copa América CentenarioJames Rodríguez

Indie RocksMagazine Cover

SpacePrivate Commission

Into the wildPrivate Commission

Tequila y MezcalPrivate Commission

FoxPrivate Commission

NBAPrivate Commission

RenacerPrivate Commission

Empresarios del AndénDemocratización de la imagen

Wayúu Palabrero Exhibitions




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Instagram   I   Behance   I   Dribbble

Instagram   I   Behance   I   Dribbble

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